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Join our Facebook group for conversations with others who are passionate about Tree Crops in New Zealand. It’s free for both members and non-members to join. Or get in touch with your local branchOur web volunteers are not able to answer detailed questions about trees. 

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Management Committee Contacts

President: David Whyte, 027 558 4448
Secretary: Christine Thompson, 03 3128662
Membership Secretary: Jo Burnett, 022 170 6215
N.I Vice President:  Ingrid Ennis, 021 435 493
S.I Vice President – Annie Barnes, 021 109 3534
Past President: Bob Phillips, 021 117 5078
Treasurer: Leon Hendren,
Committee Representative: Heather Douglas, 021 320828
Research Co-ordinator: Bob Phillips, 021 117 5078
TreeCropper Editor: Britt Coker, 021 146 2030
Website Manager: Sharon Watt, 07 5700171
Privacy Officer: Chris Freyberg,