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TreeCropper 117


Contents 2 From the editor 3 President’s report 4 Avocado trials 7 Blueberry field trip 9 Forestiere Underground Gardens 14 Innermost Gardens field trip 16 Mushrooms and DDT 18 NZTCA Conference 2024 20 Shipova 23 Apple cider vinegar benefits 26 Mandarins 32 Astringent persimmons 34 Moringa 36 Index 38 Berry harvesting tool 39 Pips & Pieces 40 Subscriptions

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TreeCropper 116


​   Contents 2 From the editor 5 President’s report 7 Emails 9 Laurel fruit oil 11 Summer pruning 13 Roy Hart, feijoa breeder 19 Nutmeg Yew 22 Knowledge in a nutshell 25 Ranfurly Community Orchard 27 NZTCA Conference 2024 29 Tung nut oil 32 Acts of Restorative Kindness 38 Cherries 43 Girdling peaches 45  Anne-Marie Endt Ferwerda 46  Pips & Pieces 47  Subscriptions

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TreeCropper 115


​   Contents 2 From the editor 4  President’s report 5  Citrus census 10 Colourful new leaf growth 12 Subtropicals to market 18 Edible weeds and greens 22 Loquats 26  Branch research trials 27  Measuring anthocyanins in honeyberries 30 Field trip to Gloriavale 34 Grafting glove trials 38  Blackcurrants as performance enhancers 39  Pips & Pieces

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TreeCropper 114


Contents 2  From the editor 3  President’s report 5  Your emails 6  Hazels & hotboxes 8 Foraging for native seeds & berries 13  Northland field trip 14  Nelson preserves day 16 Cherry guavas 19  Dr Don McKenzie Award recipients 20  Pest plant: Darwin's barberry 21  Jelly palm 24 Harricado avocado 26 Creating a rain garden 31 Lavendar Creek Farm 34 Dick Roberts Photo Competition 37 Knowledge in a nutshell: Neil D & Barbara S 40 Te Horo Harvest Farm 44 Heritage orchard collections 47 Pips & Pieces

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Dr Don McKenzie Award 2023 Recipients: Bob and Ann Phillips


Nomination for Don McKenzie award, awarded annually to a member who has made a ‘significant contribution to Tree Crops.’ Nominating Branch: Waikato Bob and Ann have been long time members, and invested time, effort and love into local Nelson Branch and at a national level. The current membership system only goes back to 1988, so finding a date that Bob and Ann joined was difficult. The best we can tell is that they joined in 1986, when there was a three day visit to Marlborough by Nelson branch. And even from that date they were enthusiastic, helpful and generous members, [...]

Dr Don McKenzie Award 2023 Recipients: Bob and Ann Phillips2023-05-26T05:53:57+12:00

Dick Roberts Photo Competition Winners 2023


The annual Tree Crops photo competition in memory of professional photographer and dedicated tree cropper Dick Roberts was presented at the 2023 NZTCA Conference in Otaki. Congratulations to Linda Stopforth (Wellington-Horowhenua) for taking both 1st and 3rd placings and to Annette Ah Chee (Waikato) for runner up. National president David Whyte presents Linda Stopforth with Dick Roberts trophy. Forming Medlar Fruit - 1st Linda Stopforth of Wellington-Horowhenua Australian bush tucker in NZ - 2nd Annette Ah Chee of Waikato Ladybird on hazelnuts - 3rd Linda Stopforth of Wellington-Horowhenua

Dick Roberts Photo Competition Winners 20232023-03-31T11:55:58+13:00

TreeCropper 113


​ Contents 2  From the editor 3  President’s report 5  Your emails 6  Elderslie Estate 12 Forage fodder 17 Robb's field trip 20 Chestnut timber, truffles & extraction 25 Jim Dunckley Heritage Orchard 27 Apple varieties to grow 30 Table grapes 36 Index 38  New dragonfruit varieties 39  Pips & Pieces

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Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – less familiar currants


By Anna-Marie Barnes This article was originally published on Most Kiwis are familiar with blackcurrants – those pungent, tart, vitamin C and antioxidant-loaded black spheres (even if it is via over-sweetened Ribena drinks consumed as a child). Blackcurrants are cold-hardy and prolific, ripe about now in mid-December, and certainly worth having in the garden for cooked desserts, cordials and preserves – though in my experience, only the toughest of the tough can eat mouth-puckering blackcurrants fresh in any great quantity. Did you know that blackcurrants have some lesser-known relatives which are much milder on the palate and can even [...]

Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – less familiar currants2023-02-15T14:28:49+13:00

Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – Feijoas


By Anna-Marie Barnes This article was originally published on I’m pretty sure kiwifruit takes centre stage as New Zealand’s national fruit, but I reckon the feijoa runs a very close second. Supermarket shelves, greengrocers’ bins and roadside stalls are bursting with these fragrant green grenades in autumn, not to mention the many hundreds more littering lawns throughout the nation. You either love or hate the floral-medicinal flavour of these fruits, although like olives, capers and anchovies, an acquired taste can develop over time. My Mum never partook in the feijoa frenzy when I was a child, but during the [...]

Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – Feijoas2023-02-15T14:38:02+13:00

Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – Apricots: Summer’s Gold


By Anna-Marie Barnes This article was originally published on I have a busy weekend ahead of me – my first case of apricots has arrived from Central Otago and predictably, the mercury is still hovering around 29°C at 4.30 pm. I’ll be spending most of my weekend in the kitchen, engulfed in a cloud of steam, with a sticky bench and even stickier complexion. Is it worth it? Absolutely. In the depths of winter, nothing can brighten a dull day better than the glow of bottled apricots with your morning cereal, a tubful tucked into a packed lunch or [...]

Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – Apricots: Summer’s Gold2023-02-15T14:37:41+13:00
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