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TreeCropper 107


  Contents 2 From the editor 4 President’s report 6  New committee members 7  Hedge of thorns 10  Canterbury tales 11  Carpophilus beetle 13 Nitrogen fixing in willows and poplars 17 Chokos 20 Growing jackfruit in Auckland 22 Waikato annual tree sale 24 NZTCA Conference 2022 26 Early orchard families in New Zealand 31  Fancy a cuppa in the Wairarapa? 32  Stocking the Nelson pantry 33  Feijoas and biochar 34  Aerated compost tea 37 Pecan research and rescue 39 Pips & Pieces

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10 year old espaliered Fuyu persimmon at harvest, Nelson region. Photo: A & B Phillips. By Anna-Marie Barnes This article was originally published on May is the peak season for fresh persimmons in New Zealand, with supermarket shelves and market stalls now laden with this increasingly-popular fruit, which looks somewhat like a squat miniature pumpkin-tomato hybrid.  As a home garden specimen tree, the persimmon offers not only a plentiful source of fruit heading in to the winter months, but also a brilliant display of colour as its foliage turns in the autumn. [...]


Table Grapes


By Anna-Marie Barnes This article was originally published on In a land where wine grape-producing vineyards are a dime a dozen, if you mention table grapes to the average New Zealander, their thoughts will likely settle on the large bunches of majestic-looking but rather tasteless imported fruit to be found in supermarket chillers year-round. But if we cast our memories back, many of us can probably remember a sprawling vine tucked in a corner of our grandparents’ section or running along the fence line of a childhood home. Nothing screams autumn like the musky-sweet scent [...]

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Waikato Branch Annual Tree and Plant Sale 2021


Saturday 3 July 2021 – 8 am to 12 pm Venue: Hamilton Gardens, Governor’s Green To get there; Enter Gate 2 from Cobham Drive, Governor’s Green is the grass area opposite the carpark.   Everyone welcome to sell and buy   Buyers – There will also be a good range of public stalls selling tree crops and plants, ornamentals, farm trees and natives, perennials, cuttings and produce.     The Waikato Branch of NZTCA will have a stand with club information and a small assortment of fruiting plants suitable for the home garden.  Sellers - Set up and sell, this is a great way to [...]

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TreeCropper 105


  Contents 2  From the editor 3  President’s report 4  Correspondence 5  Yerba Mate 7  Growing commercial peanuts in NZ 8  New Year's honour for member 9  High Health Orchard 12 Linden trees 16 Nitrogen fixing in sugarcane 18 Sugarcane in Waikato 21 Conference 2021 23 Wish Trees 31 Farmable Orchard app 33 Apple acidity 35  Hot climate apples 36  Index 38 Kombucha 38  Tip to reduce myrtle rust 39  Pips & Pieces 40  Subscriptions

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TreeCropper 104


Contents 2  From the editor 3  President’s report 4  Correspondence 6 Birds in the orchard 9 Honeyberry research update 11 Okinawa spinach 13 Ecosourcing plants 16 Ecosourcing nursery Q&A 19 Using glyphosphate 23 Measuring your carbon footprint 26  Auckland Conference 2021 27  Conference field trips 29  Growing jackfruit 30  Conference speakers 31  Making gorse rum & ice cream 33 Multi-grafted apple tree 35 The papaya project 39 Knowledge in a nutshell - Vicky Mee 41  Year round fruit on a 1/4 acre 42  Wassailing 43  Damson gin liquer 44  Palm honey 46  Genetic diversity and biocontrols 47  Pips & Pieces 48 [...]

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TreeCropper 103


Contents 2 From the editor 4 President’s report 6  Correspondence 7  Highly recommended plum varieties 10 Harlequin ladybird 14 Eating acorns 18  Acorn recipes 19  Cider 21  Hops 22  Saffron milk caps 26 Growing truffles 29 Creating an orchard using permaculture principles 33 Otto Muller, inventor 37 Japanese raisin tree 39  Pips & Pieces 40  Subscriptions

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