Flowering Trees for Bees


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Acer var Maple Spring 4.5-20m Aesculus var Horse Chestnut Spring - Summer 3-30m Agonis Willow Myrtle Late Spring 5m Backhousia citriodora Lemon Scented Myrtle Summer 12m Callistemon var Bottle Brush Spring - Autumn 3-9m Ceanothus var Californian Lilac Spring - Summer 1.5-3m Cercis var Judas Tree Spring - Summer 5-10m Eucalyptus var Eucalyptus/Gum Trees Spring - Winter 4.5-60m Eucalyptus ficifolia Flowering Gum Summer 7m Eucalyptus nichollii Willow peppermint Autumn 10m Gordonia Gordonia Winter - Spring 3.5-15m Grevillea var Spider flower Winter - Autumn 50cm-18m Hakea var Hakea Autumn - Spring 45cm-8m Lagerstroemia var Crepe [...]

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Flowering Shrubs for Bees


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Abutilon var Chinese lantern Spring - Autumn 1-4.5m Banksia var Banksia Spring - Winter 90cm-1.5m Camellia var Camellia Winter - Summer 1.2-9m Caryopteris var Blue spiraea, Bluebeard Summer 1.5m Cassia Buttercup Tree Autumn - Winter 2m Chaenomeles var Japonica Winter - Spring 1-3m Chamaecytisus palmensis Tagasaste Winter - Spring 5m Chimonanthus praecox Wintersweet Winter 2.5-3m Choisya ternata Mexican Orange blossom Spring - Autumn 1-3m Cuphea var Cigar Flower, Cigarette Plant Spring - Autumn 40-75cm Deutzia var Wedding bells Spring - Summer 1.5-3m Erica var Heath Winter - Spring 30cm-4.5m Fushia var Fushia Spring - [...]

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Herbs for Bees


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Achillea millefolium Yarrow, Milfoil Summer 1m Agastache Giant Mexican Mint Summer - Autumn 80cm Alliums Incl. Chives & Garlic Chives Summer 40cm Aloysia triphylla/ Lippia citriodora Lemon Verbena 1-3m Borago officinalis Borage, Starflower Spring - Autumn 80cm Chrysanthemum parthenium Feverfew Summer 1m Coriandrum sativum Coriander Summer 80cm Echinacea purpurea Echinacea Summer - Autumn 45-120cm Eruca sativa Rocket/arugula Continual 40cm Lavandula angustifolia Lavenders Summer 1m Melissa officinalis Lemon Balm Summer 60cm Nepeta cataria Cat nip, cat mint Summer 30cm Origanum fulgare Oregano, Oreganum Summer Creeper Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary, various forms Spring - Summer 1.5-2m Salvia officinalis [...]

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Garden Flowers for Bees


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Ajuga Bugleweed Spring - Summer Ground cover Anthemis Marguerite Daisy Summer 70cm Antirrhinum majus Snapdragon Summer 30cm-60cm Armeria Thrift Summer 20cm Aster (Compositae) Michaelmas Daisy Summer 80cm Astilbe False Spiraea, Goat's Beard Summer 80cm Alyssum Alyssum Summer Ground cover Campanula Canterbury Bells Summer 1m Centaurea Perennial Cornflower Summer 60cm-2cm Cheiranthus/ Erysimum Perennial Wallflower Spring - Winter 30cm Corydalis Corydalis Spring - Autumn 40cm Dianthus Pinks Spring - Autumn 20-100cm Hardenbergia Hardenbergia Late Winter - Spring Climber Heuchera Coral Bells Spring - Summer 45cm Leonotis Lion's Ear, Lion's Tail Summer - Autumn 1.5m Penstemon baratus Penstemon [...]

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Gymnosperms useful for pollen in spring


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Agatha australis Kauri Spring 40m Dacrydiium cupressinum Rimu Spring 35m Podocarpus dacridioides Kahikatea Spring 50m Podocarpus ferrugineus Miro Spring 25m Podocarpus totara Totara Spring 30m

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Nuts, Fruit and Berries for Bees


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Actinidia chinensis Gold kiwifruit Early Spring Vine Actinidia deliciosa Green kiwifruit Late Spring Vine Actinidia arguta Arguta, kiwiberries Spring Vine Carya illinoensis Pecan (pollen) Late Spring 20m Casimiroa edulis & cvs Casimiroa All year 5m Castanea sativa Chestnut Spring - Summer 10m Corylus avellana Hazelnut Winter - Early Spring 4m Cydonia oblonga cvs Quince Spring 4m Cyphomandra batacea Tamarillo Summer 4m Citrus sp & cvs Oranges Spring - Summer 3m Lemons Spring - Summer 3m Limes Spring - Summer 3m Fragaria cvs Strawberries Spring - Summer 3cm Gevuina avellana Gevuina Summer 6m Macadamia cvs Macadamia [...]

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Native Plants for Bees


Scientific name Casual name Flowering Posture Alectryon excelsus Titoki Early summer 20m Aristotelia serrata Makomako Spring 8m Arthropodium cirratum Rengarenga Lily Spring - Summer 60cm Astelia sp. Astelia Spring 1-2m Avecennia resinifera Manawa (Mangrove) Winter 3m Beilschmiedia tawa Tawa Spring 25m Brachyglotis repanda Rangiora Winter - Spring 7m Clematis paniculata Puawhanaga Spring Climber Cordyline australis Ti (Cabbage Tree) Spring 17m Corokia sp & var Corokia Late Spring 3m Dodonea viscosa Ake Ake Spring - Summer 3m Elaeocarpus dentatus Hinau Summer 15m Fuchsia excorticata Kotukutuku (Konini) Spring - Summer 15m Geniostoma ligustrifolium Hange hange Spring 3m Griselinia littoralis Papauma Spring - [...]

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Bees & Trees


Bees are an important part of our ecology. They are the main pollinators of many fruit and vegetable species, thus increasing yields. They also provide us with honey, and some medicinal products such as propolis and royal jelly. This Fact Sheet deals with what bees need, how the trees supply these needs, and how bees assist pollination. What the bee needs Pollen is the source of protein, minerals, fats, vitamins and trace elements in the bees diet. It is necessary for their growth at all times of year, but especially in spring and early summer when large numbers of young bees [...]

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