Hi-Cane® Season – Be Aware


Hydrogen cyanamide (Hi-Cane®, Dormex®, Breaker® etc) This information is from literature distributed by Nufarm NZ Limited. Copies may be available at your local FruitFed outlet. If you live or work near kiwifruit in July-August-September, or you are planning to try this chemical on other crops, then you and neighbours had better be intimate with this information. Do not expect local kiwifruit contractors to make it available to you, even if your local council says they should (in our humble experience). We are appreciative that Nufarm has made this information available, even if it is not widely publicised - web page [...]

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Restore poor grassland into productive mixed tree-cropping woodlands?


President’s Report Murray Redpath, NZTCA National President. Treecropper | June 2013 | Issue 74 | P2 Waikato hosted a wonderful conference, with workshops, speakers and field trips showing productive enterprises over a wide range of scales from back yards to large commercial orchards. It is wonderful watching our members share information, debate the different philosophies of how to grow a productive landscape, and enjoy themselves, the same things that have gone on during Tree Crops conferences for as long as I can remember. A news item in the January 28th copy of the NZ Farmers Weekly announced, “NZ grassland ripe to [...]

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The Concept of Water Concentration


by Otto Muller In areas where the normal rainfall is only marginal and very often insufficient it is often possible to greatly increase success rate when planting tree or bushes by using techniques of water concentration. Water concentration means creating conditions where part of the rainfall in an area is encouraged to run off from an area where it is not essential into an area that essentially require all the moisture we can get there. In afforestation projects in India, the Indian Forest Service practiced water concentration by digging pits where water from adjoining areas would accumulate. In undisturbed areas the [...]

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Organic Tree Cropping


The Big Picture The term organic means the production of safe, wholesome food by natural means that are as sustainable as possible, and to leave the soil in an improved state of health. The return to such methods is partly a reaction to the use of toxic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilisers, and also to the over-use and loss of natural fertility of soil. Because the term organic means different things to different people, consumers have looked for an assurance that produce conforms to standards. At present (2000) there are two organisations which provide that assurance by the certification of [...]

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