Your Backyard Fruit Bowl – Almonds


By Anna-Marie Barnes This article was originally published on This month, we’re going nuts for almonds. Although this versatile member of the Rosaceae family does not provide a crop to harvest in September, it is a cheerful harbinger of spring, among the first of the fruiting trees to flower (somewhat profusely) in late winter and early spring. As such, I think it deserves an early spot in the productive-crops calendar and a place in your garden. Nuts are increasingly in the nutritional spotlight, and consumer demand is high, in accordance with the current trend towards [...]

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Family - ROSACEAE Botanical Name Prunis dulcis (formerly Prunus amygdalus var dulcis) Introduction The humble almond can be overlooked, but is a delicious treat, and compares well with all our other nuts. The almond is only a peach in disguise. A dry fleshed close relative of the peach, the flesh being replaced with a thin dry leathery hull. There are wild relatives of almonds growing over Central Asia, Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. But cultivate almonds are restricted to warm climates, and mild winters. What we term Mediterranean climates. Others possibly call them hot arid regions, California, South Africa, Australia and [...]

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