Guidelines for Growing Hazelnuts in New Zealand A series of bulletins in PDF form for download (2016): Bulletin 1: Introduction Bulletin 2: Hazelnut Varieties Bulletin 3: Flowering and Pollination Bulletin 4: Nut Development and Quality Bulletin 5: Establishment Bulletin 6: Orchard Management Bulletin 7: Harvesting […]


Hazel – Hazelnut Crop Guide


This fact sheet has been produced with the latest information available at the time of publication. In no way, however, can this sheet be considered the ultimate in information for New Zealand growing conditions: it is just a basic guide on the subject. If you have information to contribute, or feels that any of the information is misleading, then we ask you to contact us using the Comment facility at the foot of this work. HAZEL- Corylus avellana Introduction Hazelnuts are produced on bushes and small trees of the 10 Corylus species spread through temperate forest areas of Europe, Asia and [...]

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