Research Discussion Paper


RESEARCH DISCUSSION PAPER The Management committee has asked me to look into the need to promote the research side of the organisation.  The research fund has not been widely used over the past few years and funds are available to branches for their use.  Is it due to a shortage of ideas, an uncertainty as to whether a topic or project is worthy of the name research, a lack of knowledge of how to apply for funding, lack of members with time or expertise to carry out research, or all of the above? Past funding has been given to studies on [...]

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Innovation Grant – Wellington Horowhenua


20th September, 2013 Wellington Horowhenua Branch NZTCA Branch Representatives Dear Jean and Robyn, At our last Management Committee meeting we unanimously voted to accept your Branch’s application for funds of $834 from the Branch Innovations Fund. Your project “Almond Cultivar & Management Trial” with the objective of optimising almond production is a very worthwhile one. When this money is spent, please send copies of the invoices to our Treasurer, enabling him to claim back the GST portion. Your successful application will be notified on the Association’s website and in the relevant edition of the Tree Cropper. We request that you report [...]

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Research – Trials


Trials for tree croppers Pushing the boundaries and answering the unanswered is what NZTCA is all about. There are thousands of questions, each with different answers for different climates. Which is the best cultivar? Do organic practices produce more or less fruit than conventional? Which produce the most wholesome fruit, seedling or grafted trees? The questions are endless and the answers aren’t found in the lab, but by NZTCA members planting and observing nature. Anyone can plant a trial — Heather North outlines the considerations you need to take into account. Why do we set up trials? We set up [...]

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Comments on the Research Discussion paper from Bill Rae


( – on behalf) MC (Management Committee) is concerned that the NZTCA should be doing more to promote research. The emphasis I think should be on encouragement of research. Little can be achieved without the enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge of branch members. […]

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Branch Innovations Fund


Research Purpose To encourage branches to establish innovative projects that help foster the objectives of NZTCA To enhance the overall profile of NZTCA as a leader in research and community support To provide funding support for branches wishing to establish projects to support local branches in two principal areas: Research and development. Branch projects may focus on the potential of "new" crops for the region, or on perspectives or issues relating to established crops about which there is little local information. Community development. Branch projects may involve raising public awareness within the region of the importance of treecropping for the environment, [...]

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