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Summer Pruning of Stone Fruit


Bill Rae demonstrates summer pruning Some of the ideas expressed by Bill Rae, 28-Feb-2016. Compiled by Don Harwood. Purpose Remove excess growth to allow light into the tree and onto fruiting buds Stimulate new growth. Heavy pruning stimulates lots of new growth but less fruit production. Shape the tree, pyramid or open vase shape typically. Vase has only one layer of branches extending from the stem. To limit tree height and width Remove diseased, dead and deformed wood If summer pruning is done for stone fruit, winter pruning is normally not required (unlike apples). […]

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Tree Planting Animal Repellent


Tree Planting and Animals by Nick Ledgard Canterbury Branch Member NZTCA archives All planters of shelterbelts and woodlots are fully aware of the need to protect trees from stock. Most, like me, have learnt the hard way that there is no place for sub-standard fencing. Even just one breakthrough within the first 3-4 years can spell doom for most trees. But few of us succeed in isolating young plants from smaller animals such as hares, rabbits and opossums. Therefore, farmers will be interested to hear of a ‘vermin repellent’ which seems to be working for the Forest Research Institute at Ilam. [...]

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