We need to keep an eye on the competition.

Anna Brenmuhl sends us interesting walnut articles. I have picked out some comments;
US (CA): Good demand for walnuts continues
“Lots of market research shows that the health benefits of walnuts are important factors when it comes to choosing them,” said CEO of the California Walnut Commission, Dennis Balint.

“China, of course, has been an aggressive customer, but our traditional markets, like Germany and Spain, have also been doing well,” he said. “And then we also have markets like South Korea, which continues to surprise us with how well we’re doing there.”

“We have 245,000 bearing acres and 40,000 non-bearing acres, and that’s increasing,” noted Balint.

Stockton, CA. Sanguinetti Farms’ Red Walnuts have been gaining in popularity.
Chilean walnut industry growing rapidly
Andrés Rodriguez, Executive President of the Chilean Walnut Commission noted that Chile currently produces about 40,000 MT of walnuts per year, but that figure will likely rise to 60,000 MT in the next three years. “And today, walnuts are one of the most profitable crops in Chile.”
  There’s still an important percentage of the walnuts which are cracked by hand, and that extra attention, though labor-intensive, can bring good prices for growers.

Which reminds me, The Tasmanian walnut grower Webster Ltd gets walnuts hand cracked in Vietnam and re-imported into Australia. Have any of you marketed hand-cracked walnuts? If you get a big increase in crop this year how are you planning to market the extra supply?

Happy Christmas. I hope you are including lots of walnuts in your Christmas goodies.

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