Concerning NZTCA – Publish or Perish!

Guest editorial by founding member, the late J. Doug Davies.

Thirty-one years on, there are several issues of concern to myself as an original founder of NZTCA.

There have been a number of changes that, in my view, have had serious consequences for the establishment of tree crop industries in New Zealand:

    • Our conferences have long been the ‘flagship’ of NZTCA. We must restore the courtesy to invited speakers of publishing all papers, including abridged summaries of past conferences, and offer this information to all members. Otherwise we risk remaining a second-rate organisation with few successes after 30 years of effort.


    • We should share our knowledge with our neighbours across the ditch through ACOTANC (Australasian Conference on Tree and Nut Crops — held every three years). No wonder they find excuses to keep out our apples and chestnuts.


    • Why was our work with the fruit driller caterpillar, now rampant in Northland, rejected for assistance by Government? I believe we are Viewed as a break-away group intent on doing our own thing — let’s not forget that it was agricultural scientists who set up the TCA originally in 1974.


    • To succeed in launching a new industry based on our own native karaka nut (TreeCropper issue 45, p15) we will need the know-how of people formerly in DSIR, but now consultants in private practice. Let us become front-runners and use this nut product in exciting and innovative ways to spearhead entry into the still grossly under-developed Asian market.


  • Finally, writing as a former national secretary and public servant of some 35 years, we were constantly berated to ‘publish or perish’ — so all of you researchers and innovators alike, get cracking and share your experiences in order that NZTCA survives for many, many, more years .

TreeCropper – Issue 46 – June 2006