Classification - Leguminosae Chamaecytisus proliferus var palmensis. Allied species are C. stenopetalus (yellow flowers) and C. Palida (white flowers) Before 1980 it was misnamed Cytisus proliferus in New Zealand. Also known as Tree Lucerne, False Tree Lucerne. Same family as gorse and broom, but infinitely more desirable. Introduction Endemic to the Canary Islands, tagasaste was introduced into New Zealand late last century as a hedging plant and has since become widely naturalised, particularly in the Wanganui-Manawatu area, Banks Peninsula, and Otago Peninsula. It has been used in the Gisborne - East Coast as nurse trees to establish very large native [...]




A Guide to Tree Forage Crops Compiled by G Halliwell Advisory Services Division Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Gisborne, 1979. Foreword Over the past years I have received a number of queries concerning Tree Crops for Forage.  These questions cover a diverse field.  They range from providing a balanced diet for stock at certain times of the year, including the place of leaves in the diet of animals, through to the development of a more self-sustaining Agriculture - the latter against a background of rising costs, often hidden, in Sheep and Cattle Farming, coupled with the loss in value of [...]

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