Restore poor grassland into productive mixed tree-cropping woodlands?


President’s Report Murray Redpath, NZTCA National President. Treecropper | June 2013 | Issue 74 | P2 Waikato hosted a wonderful conference, with workshops, speakers and field trips showing productive enterprises over a wide range of scales from back yards to large commercial orchards. It is wonderful watching our members share information, debate the different philosophies of how to grow a productive landscape, and enjoy themselves, the same things that have gone on during Tree Crops conferences for as long as I can remember. A news item in the January 28th copy of the NZ Farmers Weekly announced, “NZ grassland ripe to [...]

Restore poor grassland into productive mixed tree-cropping woodlands?2013-06-12T05:35:13+12:00

The Walnut Industry


by Otto Muller The two major factors limiting the walnut industry are blight and frost.  In Central Otago the area suitable for planting is limited to areas frost-free during the growing season of walnuts, while in Canterbury areas with lower rainfall are preferred because higher rainfall areas are more likely to have problems with blight.  David McNeill is working on a rather ingenious project to find a solution to the problem of blight.  If he is successful he will have earned the gratitude of walnut growers all over the world because blight is not just a New Zealand problem. To the [...]

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