Restore poor grassland into productive mixed tree-cropping woodlands?


President’s Report Murray Redpath, NZTCA National President. Treecropper | June 2013 | Issue 74 | P2 Waikato hosted a wonderful conference, with workshops, speakers and field trips showing productive enterprises over a wide range of scales from back yards to large commercial orchards. It is wonderful watching our members share information, debate the different philosophies of how to grow a productive landscape, and enjoy themselves, the same things that have gone on during Tree Crops conferences for as long as I can remember. A news item in the January 28th copy of the NZ Farmers Weekly announced, “NZ grassland ripe to [...]

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Tree Planting Animal Repellent


Tree Planting and Animals by Nick Ledgard Canterbury Branch Member NZTCA archives All planters of shelterbelts and woodlots are fully aware of the need to protect trees from stock. Most, like me, have learnt the hard way that there is no place for sub-standard fencing. Even just one breakthrough within the first 3-4 years can spell doom for most trees. But few of us succeed in isolating young plants from smaller animals such as hares, rabbits and opossums. Therefore, farmers will be interested to hear of a ‘vermin repellent’ which seems to be working for the Forest Research Institute at Ilam. [...]

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TreeCropper 74


[expand title="Click to expand/hide cover thumbnails and table of contents -"] TreeCropper Issue 74 - July 2013 Front Cover: Perfect persimmons — Geoff Peach of Holyoak Orchard showed the Conference 2013 Profitable Produce field trip though his packing shed. Destined for the demanding Japanese market, each persimmon is nurtured in covered orchards and inspected under microscopes before being carefully packed.   1Editor's opinionSheryn Clothier   2President's reportMurray Redpath   4Your letters   5Pips and pieces   8Conference 2013 report       10 Apple Friday       12 Apple cider       14 Table grapes       15 Growing Grass – Miscanthus       16 Commercial Futures – Andy McGrath       17 Recycling [...]

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