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Contents Front cover: A selection of apples from Plant and Food Research’s germplasm collection. See page 22. Copyright © Plant & Food Research. All rights reserved. Back cover photos by Sheryn Clothier. 2 Thanks to members contributing to TreeCropper 5 Why two copies 6 President's report 7 Pips and Pieces 8 Almonds 14 Apples 28 Bananas 32 Capers 37 Pine nuts 38 Chestuts 46 Figs 59 Guava moth 59 Gevuina 62 Hazels 68 Karaka 70 Monkey Puzzle tree 72 Gift a membership 75 Plums 76 Walnuts 78 Research - you too

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Walnut Blogletter 17 – August 2013


Hi, Nick ,Pauline, many thanks for sending this on, really enjoyed reading it . Ray, Elaine Brown Jeremy Bicknell also picked up on the Spanish paper on growing walnuts for timber, which developed into a discussion on this topic.  That will be good to reproduce in a later blogletter.  Hi Nick, Many thanks for latest blogletter.  So interesting to hear about walnut growing in China and Jeffrey’s account of his visit there. Let’s hope that some of the disease problems that they face don’t find their way here too quickly! On a personal note, we have about a dozen trees (mostly [...]

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The Walnut Industry


by Otto Muller The two major factors limiting the walnut industry are blight and frost.  In Central Otago the area suitable for planting is limited to areas frost-free during the growing season of walnuts, while in Canterbury areas with lower rainfall are preferred because higher rainfall areas are more likely to have problems with blight.  David McNeill is working on a rather ingenious project to find a solution to the problem of blight.  If he is successful he will have earned the gratitude of walnut growers all over the world because blight is not just a New Zealand problem. To the [...]

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