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TreeCropper Issue 51 – September 2007

Front cover:
As seen during an NZTCA 2007 Conference field trip to the West Auckland property of Wade and Jenny Cornell, a banana flower setting fruit.
The type of banana is generally called a “sugar-type banana” as compared with the tropical commercial “Cavendish type banana”.
The variety is either Misi, Luki or Hamoa, there is no observable difference.
The sugar-type bananas have much more flavour and are more rich and creamy. They are not used commercially in the tropics as their production is less per hectare.
They ripen more easily in subtropical conditions whereas the Cavendish require more tropical conditions.

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1editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
2message from the presidentJohn Dean
32008 conference
 Eastwoodhill trip
 tree crop bed swap
4two ways to get a new avocado cultivarDr Robert Mann
8pecanPaul Dodgshun
9reviewsJohn Dean, Sheryn Clothier
10tamarillo tangoTMincredible edibles®
12pollinationNick Milne
14growing timberWade Cornell
16Nelson branch profilePeter Syms
20commercialising murtilla in ChileAndy Barratt
24Campomanesia lineatifoliaJohn Prince
26weta motelsCraig Bleakley, Ian Stringer
28say it with…er…nuts – heartnutsAlfred Harris
30gevuina – research co-ordinator’s reportMurray Redpath
34gevuina – field notes from ChilePaul Kennel and Joanna Scott-Kennel
35selective sheep – ShropshireLorne Kuehn
 WebAppendix – rennaissance for the Shropshire sheep breed
 Shropshires for weed-control in Christmas Tree plantations
36gift memberships
37quick plumb cake recipeMarilyn Lees
38Graham Harris – obituary
39pips & pieces – property for sale
40Membership application
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Back cover:
More scenes from Conference 2007.