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Front cover photo of cracked walnuts


Rear cover photo of a heritage apple tree discovered on a farm

TreeCropper Issue 52 – December 2007

Front cover:
Photograph by Stephen Goodenough courtesy of ‘A Cracker of a Nut’

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2Message from the presidentJohn Dean
  3Message board 
  5Cropping carbonSheryn Clothier asks Larry Burrows
  8Emissions Trading SchemeWebEd, from MAF information
10Simple beesAlfred Harris, Waikato Branch
13Almond – trial reportAnn Phillips
16Blueberriesincredible edibles®
19Ex BlueberriesJennifer Hutson
20Conference 2008 
27EastwoodhillHeather Dean
28Central Districts Branch report:Diana Loader
29   Charitable research trustMark Christensen
30   Apples – cancer prevention researchMark Christensen
31   Tomatoes – cancer and nutritionMark Christensen
32   Huntington’s disease researchMark Christensen
34   Blackboy peaches projectMark Christensen
36   Waikato blight trialNick Nelson Parker
41   big wigs – Walnut Industry GroupShery Clothier asks Ralph Brown
44   NZWIG research overviewDr Heather North
46   New varietiesDiana Loader
48Membership application & contacts
Inside back cover – Guy Goldsbrough – obituary 

Back cover:
A photo of an original apple tree in what remains of the first orchard created by Sir William Fox at ‘Westoe’ in Marlon.
The variety is known currently as ‘Jim’s Favourite’ after the current owner, Jim Howard’s, Uncle Jim.
This is an example of heritage fruit trees being found on properties around New Zealand. We were able to obtain grafting wood and graft a number of these trees at NZTCA Central Districts Branch’s latest
grafting day to preserve this variety.
One day, we may be able to determine its original name.
– Mark Christensen