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TreeCropper Issue 53 – March 2008
Front and back cover:
Dragon Fruit or pitaya – see story page 14
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2Message from the presidentJohn Dean
  3Message boardConference 2008, Eastwoodhill trip, Bed Swap
  4Walnuts – converting to cashby Jenny and Malcolm Lawrence
  7Walnuts – today’s marketJenny Lawrence
  8Phytolacca acinosa – the world’s most useless treeHeather Dean tells of its many uses
10Taming the Truffle – book by Ian Hall et alreview by Sheryn Clothier
11Grapes for any occasionincredible edibles
14Pitaya, aka Dragon FruitSheryn Clothier
15Nutty namesPeter Fraser
16Commercial citrus propagationElizabeth Rae, visiting Copperfield Nursery
18Apple variety reference siteNev Dawkins
21Gift an NZTCA membershipJust $40 could change someone’s life
22Pesky pukekosSheryn Clothier
24Cheating the Cold – frost factorsSheryn Clothier
26Pollinisers for Whiteheart HazelnutsMurray Redpath
32Membership application & Contacts