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Front cover photo of red-fleshed apple Tropicana


Rear cover notice for Conference 2009

TreeCropper Issue 54 – June 2008

Front cover:
Tropicana, a red-fleshed apple. See page 23 for details. Photograph by Sarah Macmillan.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2Message from the PresidentMurray Redpath
  3Message boardBed Swap, Recipes wanted, Photographs needed, Artist required
  4Letters to the editor 
  NZTCA Conference 2008:
   5Jenny Lawrence wins Dr Don Mckenzie Award
   6National team members
 11Field trips
18Apples – identificationJim Dunkley
20Trees on farmsPeter Frazer
23Apple – red-fleshed TropicanaMark Christensen
24Karaka – research updateDavid Klinac
26Fruit driller caterpillarGordon Lees and John Clearwater
30Guavasincredible edibles
32Processing facility – nuts (and fruit)David Klinac
34Fruit manufacturingEdited by Sheryn Clothier
38Nursery Register – book reviewSheryn Clothier
39Publications, Membership application
40Membership application, Contact details

Back cover: Conference 2009
Photograph by Grant Baxter of Ocean Retreat homestay.