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Front cover photo of pale-yellow fleshed asimoya


TreeCropper Issue 55 – September 2008

Front cover:
The fruit and seeds of a New Zealand-grown asimoya. Photo by Roy Hart. See article on page 20.

1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
2Message from the PresidentMurray Redpath
3Letters to the editor, Management Committee notes
4Message board – Wanted: Recipes, lawyer, photographs; Bed Swap
5Diana Loader – life membership 
6Leaf curl – curesYour suggestions for Taphrina deformans
8Copper levelsGordon Lees
10Decision making – choosing a cropSheryn Clothier
13Dr Don McKenziecompiled by Sheryn Clothier
18Ice Cream Bean – Inga edulisincredible edibles
20Asimoya – Asimina trilobaRoy Hart, Nelson Branch trial
22AvocadosNot for stock fodder
23OaksDon Hamilton
25Hackfalls ArboretumJohn Dean
26Propagating tips – Trees for freeWendy Evans
28Political party policies re climate change, research, biosecurityHon David Carter, Shane Adern, Jim Anderton, Dr Russel Norman
32Seasoning woodAnn and Bob Phillips
35Japanese Raisin Tree – Hovenia dulcisi/ Gail Newcomb; ii/ incredible edibles
38Almond – cultivar trial updateBob and Ann Phillips
40NutcrackerAnn and Bob Phillips
41Tree planting thoughtsPeter Fraser
42Northern Region – branch profileColleen Brown
45Permanent collection initiativeGordon Lees
48Conference 2009Ray Hollis
52“Managing pests and diseases”; Rob Lucas – book review by Sheryn Clothier
54pips & pieces – classified advertising: cherries, realty, publications, contributions…
56Contact details, Membership application

Back cover: Conference 2009
Photograph by Grant Baxter of Ocean Retreat homestay.