TreeCropper Issue 58 – June 2009
Front cover:
Trevor Byron (front), Bruce Christensen (center using draw knife and shaving horse) and Eric Cairns (rear – foot operated lathe) demonstrate green wood-working techniques at NZTCA Conference 2009.
Tool, chair, hurdle and trug making were just some of the skills demonstrated. The emphasis was for using local material and improvising on design. The splitting (riving) of green logs using a maul, wedges and froe allowed rapid conversion of round wood to useable furniture components. Green wood is much easier to work with than seasoned dry wood, when simple hand tools are used.
Trevor displayed and used his large collection of home made woodworking tools for making a hurdle.
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  3Message from the PresidentMurray Redpath
  4Letters to the editor – varroa mite, Doug Davies, walnut blight, hazelnut harvester, Bacon avocado
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 10Nick Nelson-Parker – Dr Don
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 12MushroomsTim Thornewell of Mushroom Gourmet
 14Conference 2010Tree Crops 2010
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 20PistachioSheryn Clothier, Roy Hart, Darrell and Karen Johnston, Dhana Pillai, Jonathan Hooker
 30European Barberry searchMark McKibben
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Back cover: from top left:
Members catch-up before the AGM starts.
Mark Christensen gets friendly with alpacas at Cobtree Farm.
Saturday’s dinner tables were decorated with a fantastic variety of tree crops.
Jean Hollis describes the properties of various figs grown on their Te Horo orchard.
Christine Soong gets some products from Stanmore Farms.
Young grapevines are inspected at Stanmore Nursery.
Brenda Farrell talks about processing hazelnuts.