photo of hazelnut flowers

photo of pinenut tree

TreeCropper Issue 59 – September 2009
Front cover:
Flowers of the hazelnut, Tonda di Giffoni, encased in ice. It was midday in Clyde (June 2009) when this picture was taken, and still -2°C. But the styles can still be receptive – see page 24.
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s MessageMurray Redpath
  3Your letters – animals in organic farming systems, using photosynthesis to store carbon in wood that is then buried as a permanent carbon-sink
  4Codling mothJohn Clearwater
  8Pepinoincredible edibles
10Pinenut ExtractionRosy Laing
15KudzuGail Newcomb
18Conference 2010
24Hazel nut floweringMurray Redpath
29BOP Bee GroupBill Rae and Rosemary Balu
30CoppicingEric Cairnes
32Firewood and moreEric Cairnes
35Afforestation Grant SchemeCashing Up the Carbon Credits
36Branch Innovations FundNZTCA Fund for Branch Projects
38Book review – Discovering Vegetables Herbs and Spices by Dr Susanna Lyle
39Pips and pieces – Organic Hazelnuts and Cherries for sale
40Subscription form
Back cover: Sunlight shining onto one of Rosy Laing’s producing pinenut trees.
Presumed to be Pinus pinea, eight of these trees are keeping Rosy and family supplied year-round with pine
nuts – see page 10.