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photo of a nut harvesting idea being demonstrated

TreeCropper Issue 61 – March 2010

Front cover:
Fred Davey demonstrates ‘Lady Muck’ during a NZTCA Conference 2009 field trip to Cobtree Farm. Originally designed as a alpaca and horse poo collector, it also picks up olives, and in this case, hazels. See other members’ harvesting ideas on pages 32-37.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s MessageMurray Redpath
  3Notices, Your letters – 1080 consequences
  4Conference 2010
  6Orton Bradley ParkMike Caldwell
10Myoga GingerSheryn Clothier
13Rejuvenating apple treesSheryn Clothier
14The ideal apple crotchSheryn Clothier
16For the love of applesClare Buckner
17MineralsDave Martin
23Frost ProtectionSheryn Clothier
24Creating $ ValueJackie Bedford
28TerraquacultureHaikai Tane
      32     NutHarvesterAlan Rosling
      33     Keeping walnutsBill Rae
      34     Fruit pickerSheryn Clothier
      35     Harvesting systemNick Nelson-Parker
38Cape GooseberryFiona Boylan
40Taste of timber – Chestnut animal feedSheryn Clothier
41Bed swap / Park over
42Book reviews
44Obituary – Jim DunckleyAndy Barratt
46Gift membership
47pips & pieces
48Membership form, Committee contacts