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Photo during Mandeville Meander, Conference 2010

photo montage from Conference 2010, details below

TreeCropper Issue 62 – June 2010

Front cover:
The Mandeville Meander 2010 Conference field visit took NZTCA members to the blackwood woodlot and sawmill of John and Robyn Fairweather – see more photos on page 32. Photo by David Colley.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  3President’s MessageMurray Redpath
  4Granny Louisa appleMary Browne
  6Planting in clayReg Lewthwaite
  8Trees for a wet spot
  9Apricots in AucklandViv FitzPatrick
10RhubarbFiona Boylan
12Soap nutsAmanda Sloane and Dunja Balmer
14Northern Fruit Trees Charitable TrustGordon Lees
18GinkgoJenny Horne
26Conference 2010
      26     Pre-conference Lincoln UniversityKathrina Muller
      29     Waipara WanderHilary and Andrew Fenamor
      32     Mandeville MeanderPhotos by David Colley
33Dr Don McKenzie Award – Dr Gordon Lees
34Perry pearsRoy Hart
37Book review – The Fruit Manual
38Gift membership
39pips & pieces
40Membership form, Committee contacts

Back cover:
Scenes from NZTCA National Conference 2010, held in Christchurch 25-28 March.
Clockwise from top left;
Southern Woods Nursery’s display of hedgerow plants.
Lunch at the Brew Moon brewery and cafe in Amberley during a field trip.
The Waipara Wander field trip bus, parked outside a massive gum tree at the gate of Limestone Hills. Note Cordane Precious Peggotty (Peg), the truffle-sniffing dog in the foreground.
During the pre-conference tour to Lincoln University, international guest speaker Professor David McNeil (far left, front) discusses the Rex Baker Mermorial Walnut Trial, established in 1985.
Gareth Renowden shows off his producing hazelnut tree, a seven-year-old seedling now supplying him with Perigord black truffles.