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Front cover:
Native bee,
Lasioglossum sp., in flowers of Bulbinella, a New Zealand native plant.
(Photo by Chris Morse, © Landcare Research New Zealand Limited).
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2What to do with December’s produceLois Limmer
  3President’s messageMurray Redpath
  4Your letters
  7Pips and pieces
  8Obituary – Doug DaviesMurray Redpath
10Monty’s Surprise apple projectVicky Mee
12ArnicaSheryn Clothier from NZICFR report
17Pecans – field trip reportBill and Elizabeth Rae
18Conference 2011Conference Overview
24PollinatorsSheryn Clothier
26Honey beesSheryn Clothier
28Trees for beesBee Group of the Bay of Plenty Branch
29Native bees[multiple authors and references]
32Bumble beesSheryn Clothier
34Index to TreeCropper back issuesGail Newcomb
40Membership form, Committee contacts
Back cover:
Clockwise from top left:

  • Why the Conference 2011 field trip property of Erica & Maurice Meneer is called Daffo Down Dilly. They grow them all from seed Maurice’s father sends out from England.
  • Hawkes Bay Small Block Field Day Show, NZTCA Stand, April 2010.
  • A cider apple – Sweet Alfred at Camla Farm during a NZTCA Conference 2010 field trip. Probably cutting-grown, not sprayed or pruned— note the even fruit distribution. Fruit are harvested after they have fallen – allowing the maximum sugar and flavour to develop.
  • What’s underneath? Mushroom man Tim Thornewell sent this photo of the roots of a young licorice plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra). When asked why he had dug it up, he replied: “Doesn’t everyone?”
  • NZTCA president, Murray Redpath, past-president Diana Loader, patron Hazel Nicholls and past-president Maurice Denton at NZTCA Conference 2010.
  • Apple tasting inside Linda Gardner’s adobe and timber home during a NZTCA Conference 2010 field trip.