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TreeCropper Issue 65 – March 2011
This issue was delayed in the Christchurch Earthquake ‘Red Zone’ for a few weeks.

Front cover:
Crispie™, a new pipfruit cultivar, is a typical European shape with a light yellow colour.
Bred by Plant & Food Research at Riwaka Research Station (see page 8) and commercialised by Prevar™.
Copyright © The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited. All rights reserved.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s messageMurray Redpath
  3Pips and pieces, Your letters
  4Re green printingSheryn Clothier
  6Conference 2011Programme updates
  8Pears – Riwaka Research field tripPeter Syms
10Pears – Riwaka Research reportreproduced with kind permission
12Guava Moth (FDC) control
13Eucalyptus researchJenny Horne
14Avocado – growing adviceHooshang Hasan
17Cooking chestnutsSheryn Clothier
18Hazelnuts – an international perspectiveJeff Olsen
23Hazel walking stickClive Dalton
24Biodynamics workshopPeter Proctor
27Grapefruit searchMark Christensen
28Soul Medicine, by Peter FraserNasturium capers
29OrangeberryFiona Boylan
30St Andrew’s LimesAnt Williams
32Bob Berry – a profilePeter Arthur
35Autumn harvest – recipesLois Limmer
36Book reviews
38Encouraging predator waspsSheryn Clothier
40Membership form, Committee contacts

Back cover:
TreeCropper 63 contained an article on the uses of the South European Flowering Ash (Fraxinus ornus), also known as the Manna Ash due to the Manna Sugar which is extracted from it.
This article prompted reader Clive Dalton to send the following pictures of a Manna Ash tree, its stump and a close-up of its leaves, and the stool Clive made for his grand-daughter Hazel. (He also bought her a hazel tree).
Clive says: …(see TreeCropper 65 printed quarterly magazine of NZ Tree Crops Association)