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TreeCropper Issue 66 – June 2011

Front Cover:
NZTCA members view a custom-made brush unit used to clean feijoas and a sorter which uses weight to size and direct feijoas into four different off-ramps and collection crates.
This sorter was demonstrated during a field trip to Ray and Jean Hollis’s Kapiti Gold Organics feijoa orchard in Te Horo during the 2009 NZTCA Annual Conference.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s messageMurray Redpath
  3Pips and pieces
Conference 2011 report
Bedswap/Parkover Scheme
Sheryn Clothier
10Notes from NZTCA meetings
11Tung oil treeJenny Horne
13Dr Don McKenzie Award – Chris Ryan
16Plant it rightSheryn Clothier
20     HistoryMurray Woodhouse
21     Growing in NZRay Hollis
26     FutureSheryn Clothier
27Scion wood collectionSheryn Clothier
28Chestnut blight outbreak in AustraliaRay Knowles
30Hazel research updateMurray Redpath
34Peter Fraser profileNick Empson
36Conference 2012 speakers
Book reviews –
    The Feijoa Recipe Book
39Record Trees
40Membership form, Committee contacts

Back cover:
Snaps from NZTCA Conference 2011:
Top left: The tree care and labelling at Guthrie Smith Arboretum was impressive.
Top right: Management Committee: Andrew and Jennifer Hutson, Murray Redpath, Colleen Brown, Sjef Lamers and Gordon Lees.
Hazel varieties displayed by Wairata Hazels. Jo Duff with a water-conserving swale behind her.
Post-conference tour at Guthrie Smith Arboretum. Apple tasting of Jazz at Plant and Food Research Centre.