TreeCropper Issue 67 – September 2011
Front Cover:
Diana Bell presented a selection of heritage apples for tasting during the Hawkes Bay 2011 NZTCA Annual Conference.
Sourced from Plant and Food Research’s heritage orchard of what was ripe at the time and looked tempting, the varieties included Egremont Russet, Rhode Island Greening, Golden Harvest, Merton Russet, Captain Kidd Kay, Grimes Golden, Kitaika, Opalescent, Hetlina, Karmijin de Sonnaville and Freyberg.
NZTCA members were asked to rate them yuk to yum; with the result that Karmijin de Sonnaville came out a clear favourite.
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s messageMurray Redpath
Northland Branch
  4Pips and pieces
  6Your letters
  8Nelson Conference 2012 – Draft Timetable, Appletons, Heartwood, Beekeeping for Pollination
11Making Scrumpy – apple ciderIan Stewart
15Wassail cider recipeIan Stewart
16Cider apples varietiesIan Stewart
18Triploid applesBill Rae
20Submissions to win – Submit your Articles and Photographs!
21One polliniser or two? (apples and viable pollen)Sheryn Clothier
22Heritage apples – why bother?Krystina Hill
24Choosing apple varietiesKrystina Hill
30Collecting and naming applesKrystina Hill
34Apple pollination groups
35Apple harvest sequence
36Growing applesKrystina Hill
38Book reviews –
Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand – win a copy; see 20 above
Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping
All about Apples
40Membership form, Committee contacts
Back cover:
Heritage apple varieties, as detailed. Photographs copyright to Krystina Hill.