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TreeCropper 68 front cover

TreeCropper 68 rear cover

TreeCropper Issue 68 – December 2011
Front Cover:
The 2011 Post-Conference tour was treated to wonderful morning tea on the lawn of the original homestead of Guthrie Smith Arboretum at Tutira. With views over the extensive plantings through to Lake Tutira, it a was an auspicious start to a wonderful tour. For a full report, see page 9.
  1Editor’s OpinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s ReportMurray Redpath
  3Pips and pieces
  4Your letters
  6NZTCA Research report
Bee bits
Gordon Lees
  92011 Post-conference East Coast TourIan Harding
12BoronSheryn Clothier
14Processing tea
15Benefits of clayHugh Lovel
16Grafting fruit treesPeter Cave
202012 Conference – programme
26Staying on the landWendy Evans
28Summer pruningBill Rae
29Contribute to TreeCropper– and win!
30Obituary – Hazel Nicholls
31Space researchwired.co.uk
32Coconuts in New ZealandDick Endt
34Book reviews –
New Zealand Native Trees
Natural Remedies
Subtropical Garden at Landsendt
36Handy hints and gadgetsby sharing members
38Brandy Creek profilePeter Syms
41NZTCA gift membership
42Index to TreeCropper articlesGail Newcomb
47Stressed fruitJennifer Viegas
48Membership form, NZTCA Committee contacts
Back cover:
Sunlit young growth on seedling walnut (Juglans regia) at
Brandy Creek.
Photo by Peter Syms.