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TreeCropper 69 Front Cover:
Ben Elms and the Central Otago Tree Growers Branch has initiated an Orchards in Schools project. Pictured here is Breagha Rennie (holding branch), then Pip Barrett, Ben Elms, Lily Roberts and Emilie Barnett at Hawea Flat School planting the first orchard of their project. Read Ben’s report on page 32.
(Thanks to Wanaka TV for the photo.)
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s ReportMurray Redpath
  3Pips and pieces
  4Your letters
  6Sea BuckthornSheryn Clothier
  8Tree-cropping in townPauline Bassett, Waikato-Thames-Coromandel Branch
12Growing fruit in small spacesJane Hart, Central Districts Branch
15Getting to the root of the matterSheryn Clothier
16Hazelnut production in Chilefrom notes by Dr P Grau compiled by Murray Redpath
19Comments on NZ hazel orchards
20Hints for hazelsDr P Grau, Research Scientist, Chile
21A nutty taleClive Lane, Canterbury/Aoraki Branch
22Finding fragrance in NZ native plantsSjef Lamers, Nelson Branch, SI VP
24HapeneMichael Sly
25PAN interest groupSjef Lamers, Nelson Branch, SI VP
26In the bag – cherry field dayLes Gruebner, Bay of Plenty Branch
30Goodies and Gadgets
31Hibiscus cannabinus – Sour leafKathryn Mercer, Wailkato Branch
32Orchards in SchoolsBen Elms, Central Otago Tree Growers Branch
35Conference 2012 update
36Coffee in New ZealandRoger Bodle
37Autumn tasks
38Book reviews – Yates Vegetable Garden, Eat Smart, Stay well
40Membership form, NZTCA Committee contacts
Back cover:
Growing plastic bags? No, protecting pears at Peter and Eunice Martin’s Cambridge property. I used a similar protection using resealable bags with the corners cut (to let air in) on my figs which I thought worked quite well. However, Colleen Wiltshire from Hokianga reports: “Your use of resealable bags for figs worked for me for only one year. The second time round both the waxeyes and the possums damaged the bags and ate the figs!!”
Maybe the flappier, more opaque and larger shopping bags are better?