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Issue 70 front cover

Issue 70 rear cover

TreeCropper Issue 70 – June 2012

Front Cover:
Jo Shephens, Plant and Food Research’s Rubus breeder stood in for Ron Beatson, the hops breeder, who was away on the day the Nelson Conference field trip visited. The objectives for hop breeding is wider than boutique beers and aimed at the whole industry producing both alpha (bittering) and aroma hops. NZ hops are exported around the world and are increasing in popularity.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s ReportMurray Redpath
  3Pips and pieces
  4Your letters
  6Perry pearsTrevor FitzJohn, Wellington-Horowhenua Branch
  7Nelson Conference reportSheryn Clothier
  9Conference field tripsthanks to various contributors
16NZTCA management committeeMurray Redpath, National President
18NZTCA management committee members
20NZTCA patron – Lynda Hallinan
21Dr Don McKenzie Award – Peter Syms
22UnderstoreyTim Parker, Wellington-Horowhenua Branch
26Hazel potential in TaupoMurray Redpath, Bay of Plenty Branch
30Southern goodies
    Sea Buckthorn
    Chokeberry (Aronia)
Sheryn Clothier
34Walnut variety trial reportNick Nelson Parker, Bay of Plenty Branch
37Shelter speciesDavid Colley, Northland Branch
38Book reviews –
    The Growing World of Duncan and Davies
    Wardle’s Native Trees of New Zealand
    The Third Wave
thanks to various contributors
40Membership form, NZTCA Committee contacts

Back cover:
Alastair Currie at Riwaka Plant and Food Research station showed us a range of kiwifruit that I did not know existed. In taste they ranged from sweet through to chilli-hot and, as you see, came in every colour, size and shape.
This collection is the genetic base for the Zespri breeding programme.
Photograph supplied.
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