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Issue 71 front cover

Issue 71 rear cover

TreeCropper Issue 71 – September 2012

Front Cover:
The beauty of the orchard in spring represented by the delicate flower of the Giant of Gascony quince.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s reportMurray Redpath
  3Your letters
  6Pips and pieces
  8Neonicotinoids for bees
  9Saffron – Threads of edible goldJulie Winder, Wairarapa Branch
13Feijoas/boron – trial reportRoy Hart, Nelson Branch
14The elusive truffleSheryn Clothier
16Conference 2013 – Grow Your Own Waikato
23Ginkgo in liquidationSource – Nelson Mail
24Figs – Post-harvest guidelinesEric Cairnes, Wellington-Horowhenua Branch
25Ginkgo – research reportRoy Hart, Nelson Branch
27Tropical delight – Australian visitSheryn Clothier
30Almond – cultivar trial reportAnn Phillips
32Central Districts Branch reportMark Christensen
35Coping with new diseaseMurray Redpath
38Book review – Find it, Eat it
39Vernon Harrison – ObituaryNick Nelson-Parker
40Membership form, NZTCA Committee contacts

Back cover: From top left –
Relaxing at the end of a successful Tree Sale are some of the Bay of Plenty Branch ‘staff’. Photo by Gail Newcomb, Bay of Plenty Branch.
Beau of Waitakere is our youngest member and undoubtedly going to be a tree cropper of note. At just two years of age, he is already gleaming information from noteworthy sources! Photo by Mike (Poppa), Northland Branch.
Eastern filbert blight in a hazel orchard at Newberg, Oregon. Photo by Murray Redpath, National President.
An $8 pomello purchased from the supermarket. Large, different but won’t be paying that again! Photo by Sheryn Clothier, Editor.