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TreeCropper Issue 72 December 2012
Front Cover:
During the Nelson 2012 annual NZTCA conference, members visited the home farm of Robert Appleton (of Appletons Tree Nursery). In an arboretum grouped according to province, members stop to admire trees native to Georgia, USA.


  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s reportMurray Redpath
  3Management Committee Report
  3Your letters
  6Pips and pieces
  8EtrogNeville Chun
10Weird and WonderfulMembers
12Forest gardens
17Apple variety collection update
18Conference 2013 –
24Chestnut — waste as stockfoodDavid Klinac
29CarobKaren Johnston
31     Karen’s Carob and Hazelnut Cake recipe
32Bio-charJohn Allen
34William ColensoPeter Wells
37Codling control
38Book reviews
Membership form, NZTCA Committee contacts
Back cover:
Clockwise from top left:
Carob beans (horizontal) from a tree Karen Johnson has grown at River Terrace Nursery from seeds collected during a Nelson Branch NZTCA field day.
Carob beans (vertical) from Karen Johnson’s grafted tree.
Carob pods broken in bits and dried… They are broken up to check them — any that are mouldy or have weevils are discarded. (See article page 29.)
A selection of banana varieties struggling at Sheryn Clothier’s Waikato property — but note how the one on the left has resisted the early winter cold much better than the others. Only planted a year ago, this was a pup dug from the banks of the Whanganui River and kayaked home through the rapids…
Chestnut crumb of various grades (top) and chestnut shell/pellicle waste for stockfood (bottom). (See article page 24.)