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Issue 74 front cover

Issue 74 rear cover

TreeCropper Issue 74 – July 2013

Front Cover:
Perfect persimmons — Geoff Peach
of Holyoak Orchard showed the
Conference 2013 Profitable Produce
field trip though his packing shed.
Destined for the demanding Japanese
market, each persimmon is nurtured
in covered orchards and inspected
under microscopes before being
carefully packed.

  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s reportMurray Redpath
  4Your letters
  5Pips and pieces
  8Conference 2013 report
      10Apple Friday
      12Apple cider
      14Table grapes
      15Growing Grass – Miscanthus
      16Commercial Futures – Andy McGrath
      17Recycling Trees – coppicing
      19Otto Muller – Dr Don McKenzie Award
      22John Dean – Life membership
      23Ray Hollis – Life Membership
      24MC Matters
      25Post-conference Workshop – Using Trees in Novel Ways
26Grapefuit drug interactions
30Willow pollen for bees
36Mangoes in New Zealand
38Pest protection
39Book reviews, Apple quiz answers
40Membership details, NZTCA Committee contacts

Back cover:
Stock protection

    by Sheryn Clothier
Overleaf are examples of
some stock-deterring tree
surrounds. The comments
below are my experience and
opinion only — other members
comments would be most

And I would also like suggestions for frost protection — let me know what works.