Issue 75 front cover
Issue 75 rear cover
TreeCropper 75 – September 2013
TreeCropper 75 Front Cover:
Lonely in pink—My dwarf peach tree is in a pot and is
covered in a mass of white blossoms
each spring. But occasionally, amongst
the white, is a perfect pink blossom.
I sent this photo off to our N.I. vice-president Bill Rae for an explanation…
  1Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
  2President’s reportMurray Redpath
  3Your letters
  4Pips and pieces
  6Conference 2014
  8South Island vice-president Frankie Dean
10Eastern Taranaki field tripJane Hart and Ian Harding
14Purangi orchardIan and Laurel Aitken
18Bee bitsRobert Mann, Northern Region Branch
20Walnut variety trialNick Nelson Parker, Bay of Plenty branch and
Ad and Alma van der Tol, Wairarapa Branch
24Walnuts and boronDavid Whyte, Waikato Branch
28A new hazelnut?Ian Stewart, Central Otago Tree Growers Association
29Hazel loreJenny Horne, Hawkes Bay Branch
30Hazel quality researchMurray Redpath, NZTCA National President
32Insects and plantsCollated by David Whyte, Waikato Branch
33Otto Muller Dr Don McKenzie AwardIan Stewart, Central Otago Tree Growers Association
34Public plantings by Nelson BranchPeter and Margot Syms, Nelson Branch
36Fantastic fungiBeryl Le Grove, Waikato Branch
38Tomato researchMark Christensen, Central Districts Branch
40Tomato carotenoid absorptionDavid Whyte, Waikato Branch
42Frozen lemonsNick Empsom, Waikato Branch
43Cider commentsIan Stewart, Central Otago Tree Growers Association
44Growing fungusMurray Mannall, Southern Woods Nursery
46Obituary – Mike BeechMark Christensen, Central Districts Branch
47Obituary – Ray HollisAndrew Hutson, Wellinton/Horowhenua Branch
Back cover:
Conference 2013 field trips
Photographs by Rachel Rose.