pic TC80 front cover
TreeCropper Issue 80
Front Cover:
Flowers and fruit (unripe in picture) are simultaneous on jaboticaba, which is obviously pollinated by bees in New Zealand.
 2Editor’s opinionSheryn Clothier
 3Thanks to members contributing to TreeCropper
 4President’s reportBill Rae
 5Your letters
10Casimiroa – members’ reports continued
12Pips and pieces – classified advertising
16Jaboticaba – members’ reports
22Biodynamics explained
24Conference 2015
28Fig pruning
30Black currants in NZ
32Nelson Branch trials
35Ginkgo – Motueka trial
Countrywide comments
41Annemarie Endt on babacos
42Rachel Rose on tree selection
44David Colley on Acacias
46Michelle Derecourt on international gardens