This blogletter 15 is so overdue that you probably had thought you had heard the last of me. My only consolation has been that you may have been just as busy with your bumper harvest and probably have not had time to read a blogletter anyway.

To break the log-jam, I am passing on this information compiled by David Whyte on Boron (link below). Yes, we are back on the subject of Boron deficiency, but I think you will agree when you read it that here is information that you need to know.

I have been restricting the number of photos in blogletters for the sake of those still on dialup internet connection. But maybe things have moved on, and this may not still be a problem. If you are still on dialup please let me know, as this communication depends on catering for the lowest common digital denominator.

Please keep sending me your comments. The normal blogletter format will resume shortly.

All the best
nick nelson parker