Who are we?

The New Zealand Tree Crops Association promotes interest, information and research in the use of trees for: fruit and nut production, animal fodder, bee forage, energy (firewood), multi-tier farming and orcharding, shelter and timber, soil and water conservation. Our members include a real cross-section of people: scientists, orchardists, farmers, hobbyists, investors, lifestyle block holders, and home gardeners. Some are learners and others are researchers of high repute – but all are interested in trees for produce.

Members may join special interest groups which concentrate on particular crops – for pure curiosity, or to investigate the potential for commercial production. They may host a trial plantation on their property with the advice of our research coordinators, or contribute to a branch project. Or they may simply prefer to increase their knowledge through our publications, field trips and workshops. How involved you become is up to you – the possibilities are endless.

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Membership Benefits

Fascinating Field Days

Visit other properties, learn how to propagate and manage crops, taste new and unusual varieties and source plant material. Whenever we gather, we talk about new ideas, our problems and our successes, with like-minded people.

Workshops & Seminars

Learn a range of skills from our most knowledgeable and experienced tree croppers, including grafting, pruning and orchard management. Keep up to date with the latest research on new crops and innovative growing techniques.

TreeCropper Magazine & Branch Newsletter

All members receive our quarterly magazine, TreeCropper , with articles reflecting our interest in new or unusual tree crops as well as updates on research trials. Members of our 14 branches also receive newsletters with information specific to their own region.

Annual Conference

Each year we gather in a different region for a national conference with speakers, workshops and field visits.
Learn about new crops, hear from industry experts and share knowledge with fellow tree croppers.

Tree Sales

Many of our branches host annual tree sales for members and the public to purchase trees and other plants at great prices. Many of the trees sold are propagated and grown by our members who also offer advice on planting and pruning.

Members-Only Website Content

Members have access to a wealth of information in the members-only section of our website. Download back issues of the TreeCropper magazine, branch newsletters, crop fact sheets and share knowledge in our members only discussion spaces.